Shoulder Conditions

  • Does reaching overhead; brushing your hair or putting on your seatbelt cause you shoulder pain? 
  • Have you lost strength in your arm suddenly? 
  • Are you waking up in pain after sleeping on your shoulder? 
  • Is your shoulder painful when swimming, playing tennis or golf? 

These are all common and often debilitating symptoms of shoulder conditions that if left untreated will progressively deteriorate further. Shoulders can be quite complex due to the amount of movements available at the joint; this can cause the joint to become unstable and susceptible to injury. 

We use our shoulders for many day-to-day tasks. Once pain or injury occurs, it can be very frustrating and incapacitating, making our day-to day activities painful and sometimes impossible. Shoulder injuries often arise due to weakness and instability within particular muscles surrounding the shoulder. 


How can myotherapy help?

Myotherapy can assist with most shoulder conditions by firstly locating the source of your pain.  Treatment is then structured around this with the aim of decreasing pain, improving flexibility and range of movement, and strengthening to restore shoulder function. 


Muscles of the Shoulder

Muscles of the Shoulder

common shoulder conditions we treat

Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Impingement INJURIES

Do you get pain when lifting your arm out to the side or overhead? Are simple daily tasks such as brushing your hair, doing up a bra strap, gardening or reaching for something in the cupboard becoming more and more difficult?

Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis)

Biceps Tendinopathy

Scapular Dyskinesia

Treating shoulders is a special interest for Myotherapist, Kerri Layton at Myotherapy and Movement Clinic. 


Swimmers Shoulder: Part 1 of 3

Managing Swimmers Shoulder: Part 2 of 3

Strength Training for Swimmers Shoulder: Part 3 of 3

what people are saying

"I’m so grateful to Kerri Layton for her professional advice and treatment. Kerri listened with empathy to my concerns. Kerri then thoughtfully structured treatment & exercises to tackle my residual neck, shoulder and lower back issues. I’d been procrastinating for awhile! I’d been thinking the issues were just minor in the scheme of things, I had made so much progress & things had improved immensely, BUT it turns out that those silly niggles were actually hampering my full recovery. Post treatment, I now enjoy focusing on staying fit & healthy."  Lorraine Coles (Google Review)

"I have had shoulder, neck and arm pain for a few years on and off. I had previously been to a chiropractor and was interested to see if a myotherapist could offer any further relief for the pain. Kerri is great. Every time I visit she asks about my current symptoms and then tailors the treatment. She always checks to make sure I am comfortable with what she is doing before she starts and checks again during the treatment. She has taken the time to explain to me where the pain is coming from and treat that area as well as relieve the tension in other areas. " Michelle Kennedy, Office worker


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