How May Myotherapy Help You?



Myotherapy treats the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Conditions we treat include muscle and joint pain/stiffness, headaches, tendon tears, tendinopathy and nerve pain (pins and needles, tingling, referred pain). Once you are symptom free, myotherapy can help restore optimal activity (rehabilitation), reducing the likelihood of further injury and keeping you moving and performing at your best. 

Myotherapists are very skilled at assessing your condition and apply evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.  Following a thorough assessment, we will develop a treatment and management plan with you. In common with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, myotherapists use a range of treatment techniques, including massagedry needling, mobilisation, and stretching to help ease your pain.

In addition to manual therapy,  exercise prescription and/or education about pain management, load management, activity modification and/or lifestyle modification may be incorporated. Most myotherapy appointments will include prescriptive rehabilitation exercises for you to take home to assist in your recovery and get you moving again.
Many people see a myotherapist due to their advanced knowledge in musculoskeletal pain, along with the hands-on treatment they provide.

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Myotherapy gets you moving again! 


Through conducting a thorough assessment a myotherapist can identify the problem areas that may be causing your pain. Myotherapy may help by: 

  • Decreasing your recovery time post injury or surgery

  • Alleviating local and referred pain caused by active trigger points (sore points within the muscle)

  • Increasing your range of movement and flexibility through treatment and exercise prescription

  • Providing you with an ongoing treatment plan to reduce your risk of future injury

  • Reducing stiffness caused by inflammation or trauma of the body's myofascia

  • Educating you on postural awareness and corrective exercises suitable for your condition and to expedite recovery time.


We treat a range of conditions including: