Neck pain is a very common issue amongst our increasingly sedentary population.  Non-traumatic soft tissue neck pain can be triggered via a range of everyday situations.  Stress may lead to increased muscle tension and abnormal posture.  This is often brought about from computer, phone or screen overuse, long drives or carrying heavy bags on one shoulder.  Such actions use a head forward posture where your neck and shoulders are consistently in a flexed, slouched position. 

How can myotherapy help?

Your myotherapist will do a thorough assessment to determine where the pain or tension is coming from and to rule out any serious causes of your neck pain. Following the assessment your myotherapist may use a range of treatments, including trigger point therapy, deep tissue and remedial massage, dry needling, corrective exercises, postural education and stretches to help alleviate this tension.  Myotherapy can be extremely effective in treating neck pain with many receiving relief after a single session.


Muscles of the Neck

Muscles of the Neck


cervicogenic headaches

Neck pain can sometimes trigger cervicogenic headaches – a secondary headache often accompanied with neck pain or stiffness.

Wry neck

A sudden sharp neck pain, which often occurs from sleeping in an abnormal position for an elongated period of time.  Wry neck can be very painful and disruptive, limiting your movement significantly.  It can last up to a week or more. 


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Cervical impairments can also cause neural pain down your arm, which can exacerbate with certain movements of the neck area.


"Kerri is a really dedicated practitioner. She helped me recover from neck issues, not just through direct treatment, but also by helping me understand how the pain was developing and what I could do to ease and prevent it. Kerri's helpful education and friendly manner made me feel very supported throughout the time that I needed her skills." Flour Romano, Writer (Google Review)

"I have had shoulder, neck and arm pain for a few years on and off. I had previously been to a chiropractor and was interested to see if a myotherapist could offer any further relief for the pain. Kerri is great. Every time I visit she asks about my current symptoms and then tailors the treatment. She always checks to make sure I am comfortable with what she is doing before she starts and checks again during the treatment. She has taken the time to explain to me where the pain is coming from and treat that area as well as relieve the tension in other areas. " Michelle Kennedy, Office worker



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