Myotherapist & exercise scientist - KERRI LAYTON

B. App. Sc (Phys Ed) - R.M.I.T                                  
Adv. Dip. Myotherapy - R.M.I.T
ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist

Kerriā€™s interest in myotherapy stems from a life of being active. She has experienced firsthand how beneficial myotherapy can be for injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery. 

Over the years, Kerri has been involved in a variety of sports from local to elite level including, track and field (heptathlon), triathlon, Taekwondo, and swimming.  She holds a black belt in Taekwondo and has represented Australia in the Australian Taekwondo team.  She now swims and competes in pool and open water swimming with a local Masters Swimming Club.  

From previous years working as an exercise physiologist, Kerri recognises that the majority of musculoskeletal conditions benefit greatly from movement and strength exercises. Her treatments focus on what best suits the individual, and may incorporate a range of techniques including manual therapy (massage, joint mobilisation), prescriptive exercises, pain management and education. A strong emphasis is placed on providing you with knowledge and education to continue managing your condition away from the clinic.

Kerri has a special interest in neck, shoulder and back pain. She also enjoys treating masters athletes, especially swimmers, runners, and cyclists, but being able to help those experiencing pain or dysfunction that is disrupting their daily life is what she is most passionate about.  

Kerri is also the co-owner and a Director of Solo Bike, an international bike travel company, as well as a mentor for The Career Project.


"I was totally impressed and delighted with my very thorough treatments with Kerri over New Year. As a Yoga Therapist/Teacher, I know my body well and my back flares up occasionally. Kerri knew exactly what to do and I had immediate relief. Her treatment space is calm and inviting and I've already referred others there! Highly recommended."  Caroline Giles, Yoga Instructor (Google Review)

"Kerri is very professional, knowledgeable and a great communicator. High quality treatment and follow up ensured that my health concern was resolved once and for all! Highly recommended." Anastasia Frolov (Google Review)

"Thank you Kerri for helping with the recovery of my calf tear this month. Your assessment, treatment and rehab exercises were so thorough and tailored to my busy lifestyle and family life. I appreciate all the extra tips and information you provided, and your professional approach. I have recommended you to friends and family already! Great location in the heart of Burke Road, Camberwell too." Suzie Bratuskins, Masters Swimmer

"I have been having treatment with Kerri for the last few weeks, specifically for knee pain from cycling & golf. Since having the myotherapy & dry needling I have noticed a significant improvement in the pain, as well as greater flexibility & mobility. She spends time getting to understand your body & the movement restrictions you are having, giving me some good "after-care" stretches to do outside of the treatments. Kerri's is friendly, professional & the clinic environment is very welcoming." Ali Rastgou (Google Review)

"I have had shoulder, neck and arm pain for a few years on and off. I had previously been to a chiropractor and was interested to see if a myotherapist could offer any further relief for the pain. 

Kerri is great. Every time I visit she asks about my current symptoms and then tailors the treatment. She always checks to make sure I am comfortable with what she is doing before she starts and checks again during the treatment. 

She has taken the time to explain to me where the pain is coming from and treat that area as well as relieve the tension in other areas. Also, she has given me ideas of what I can do at work and at home to mitigate the pain. I have had a definite improvement and am mostly pain free - which is excellent and what I was hoping for." Michelle Kennedy, Office worker