Hip Pain

The hip joint provides stability when performing weight-bearing activities such as walking, running and climbing.  It enables mobility of the lower limbs and is the central point whereby load can be transferred between the upper, middle and lower body.  Pain in and around the hip joint can be due to other body structures including the lower back, groin or knee.

Common areas that people experience pain in the hips include:

  • Pain deep within the joint
  • Lower Back
  • Gluteal areas
  • Groin
  • Legs

You may experience pain during:

  • Activity - walking and running
  • Climbing or descending stairs
  • Sitting or standing for a period of time
  • Sleeping on the affected side


COMMON Hip Conditions we treat

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

Symptoms of FAI include pain deep in the hip, stiffness or limping. Movements which can trigger the pain include twisting, turning, squatting, crossing your legs, sleeping with your leg rolled in.


HIP Bursitis (Trochanteric bursitis)

Symptoms include pain at the side of the hip, especially when lying on the affected side. The most common cause of bursitis is overuse, this occurs when an individual partakes in repetitive actions, often to fatigue, such as walking, running, stair climbing and standing.


Gluteal Tendinopathy

As with hip (Trochanteric) bursitis, gluteal tendinopathy presents with pain over the lateral hip (bony) area.  The pain can also be in your lower back and travel down your leg to the knee. Pain is often worse at night and in the morning.



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