Workplace Posture Workshops

Having spent over 15 years working in corporate health management, educating staff and running workplace health and wellbeing programs for companies and their employees I have noticed the increase in neck, back and shoulder problems.  The Myotherapy and Movement Clinic has now developed an engaging and interactive Workplace Posture workshop for local businesses in Camberwell and Hawthorn East.  You can choose a 30min or 45 min workshop dependant on your requirements and time, best of all the workshop is FREE OF CHARGE for businesses with 5 or more employees in attendance (your business must be located in Camberwell or Hawthorn East).

What's covered?

1. The Modern Age of Sitting & Technology - In today's society sitting and the use of technology is commonplace but the body has struggled to adapt.  With no change foreseeable in the future how do we assist the body to adapt and cope?

2. Sitting & Postural Related Pain - A large percentage of my clients present with neck, shoulder and back discomfort and pain, they often also experience headaches.  These issues can often be traced back to long hours of sitting in the same position and in front of a screen.  We will discuss prevention tips to help with the above issues.

3. Solutions - The end of the workshop will be interactive, getting everyone involved! Here we will go through a 5min routine employees can do at their desks along with some simple workstation set-up tips.

4. Extended Exercise session - For those that select the 45min workshop we will cover some additional exercises that employees can do at home or in the gym. These will cover exercises with foam rollers, therabands and massage balls.

So why are these sessions free of charge to local businesses?  The Myotherapy and Movement Clinic is a local business situated in the heart of Camberwell Junction, and, like any business we want to continue to grow! By visiting local businesses we are increasing our presence within the community but we are also providing an important community service that benefits business owners and their employees.  Contact us for more details or to book a workshop.

Mentor for The Career Project

The Career Project is an initiative developed by Career Coach, Leah Lambert. It was created to assist people in making an informed decision the right career for them, by identifying an industry mentor they can job shadow or participate in an informational interview with.  I was honoured to be asked to be a mentor for this fantastic program. More details at 

Bike Fitness & Travel 

Kerri, along with her partner Darren Welch own and operate Solo Bike.  Established in 2002, Solo Bike specialises in European cycling trips including the Tour de France and Gran Fondo events. Solo Bike also runs annual training camps around the stunning Victorian Alpine area of Bright.  Our vast knowledge and experience over many years benefit those wanting more than a trip that clocks up kilometres and tired legs. Our trips include some of the best scenery, food and wine experiences and authentic accommodation our locations have to offer. Check out Solo Bike's 2017 calendar here.