Myotherapy Consultations

An initial myotherapy consultation includes a medical & lifestyle questionnaire and physical assessment to identify the cause of your pain or dysfunction. The physical assessment may include a postural assessment, range of movement testing and special orthopedic testing.  

A treatment plan will be devised from the above. Treatment is mostly hands-on and may include deep tissue and remedial massage; dry needling, corrective exercises and stretches along with an ongoing treatment plan where required.  Much of the treatment can take place through clothing if preferred.



The standard follow-up consultation is approx 40-45min. During this consultation, your myotherapist will conduct a brief re-assessment of your condition prior to treatment.  The treatment will be followed by possible modification of your prescribed exercises.

An extended consultation is approx 50-60min and is upon request by your myotherapist, OR If you have multiple or chronic issues. It may also be required if you have not been to the clinic for awhile and are presenting with a new condition since your last visit.



A short consultation consists of a brief assessment of your condition and a progression to your treatment.  Short consultations are ideally part of an on-going treatment plan.


We provide myotherapy appointments for children.  When booking your child in for an initial appointment online please select the follow-up consultation which will be approx 45min.  If further follow up appointments are required, they will be of 30min duration. Children aged 8-18 receive a 10% discount.

15min consultation

This appointment is for new clients who would like to discuss their condition with a myotherapist prior to embarking on a treatment plan. The consultation will provide you with information about how we may help you.  No treatment will be conducted at this appointment.

You need to call the clinic on 0404018194 in order to make an appointment for your free consultation.