Exercise Rehabilitation Programs

Exercise and movement is integral to injury rehabilitation, reducing muscle tightness, and improving chronic pain conditions (e.g lower back pain).  As an ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist, Kerri is a strong advocate of incorporating exercise and movement into her patients treatment plans.  Combining myotherapy with specific exercises designed for your condition will provide the best opportunity towards pain free movement.  Sometimes it may be the simple introduction of adding more movement into your daily routine.


Exercise has an analgesic effect, assisting in recovery from pain, injury and inflammation.  The reduction in inflammation leads to a decrease in nervous systems sensitivity, decreasing your pain.  Conditions, including non-specific lower back pain and tendinopathies respond best with a combined treatment plan of manual therapy and exercises compared to manual therapy alone.

At Myotherapy and Movement Clinic we are qualified to assist you in this area.  We will provide you with targeted exercises to get you pain free. Once your pain has gone, you will be guided towards a program to maintain your pain free condition. 


The Importance of Strength Training

Strength training doesn't have to mean 'pumping iron at the gym'! Many become intimidated when hearing the words strength or resistance training.  We can provide you with simple exercises you can do at home or at the gym. Resistance training will not only strengthen your body, therefore providing support and stability for your body's structures, it will also increase your flexibility and range of movement. 

For many, just increasing day to day movement will aid in reducing your stiffness and increasing your range of movement. Finding an exercise you are happy to partake in on a regular basis is paramount to sticking to a regular exercise routine.



Once we assess your condition, we develop a treatment plan with you. Initially you will be provided with a few exercises or stretches aimed at improving your range of movement and reducing your pain. Once this has been achieved we will move on to strength and stability based exercises to enable you to continue your daily routines or get back to your sport pain free.  The exercises will be designed keeping your time and adherence in mind.

We also have strong links with local Exercise Physiologists at Inform Health and Exercise, Glen Iris. They have a great gym set-up and can oversee your exercise rehabilitation program in a personal and caring environment.