Myofascial Dry Needling is a technique used by myotherapists whereby a single use, fine filament needle is inserted into the muscle for the purpose of pain and tension relief. The needles used are the same as in acupuncture, but the two methods are very different. Both are used to help relieve pain for the individuals but acupuncture is used for the aim of opening up a person’s chi, or energy flow, with needles inserted along particular meridian points.

Myofascial Dry Needling is used to relieve myofascial pain and tension caused from taut bands (knots) within the muscle, often referred to as ‘trigger points’. Research in this area is still in its infancy but many practitioner’s and patients have found dry needling to be very beneficial for chronic myofascial pain symptoms, especially when used in conjunction with an individualised treatment plan.

Myotherapists undertake a minimum 80 hours training in dry needling during their course, and are therefore one of the most qualified and experienced practitioners in this area.